Bullet Raja Trailer review: Dabangg clone with good stunts (And Sonakshi too)

Bullet Raja

‘Bullet Raja’ trailer is out. And it looks like one more ‘Dabangg’ template to join the hordes we have had this year. It feels like every single person with a budget, a camera and a dvd of ‘Dabangg’ is out to make a film this year.

However, this time around there is some hope.

(Though possibly not for Sonaskhi Sinha. The last person to be typecast this much is Arun Govil  from Ramanand Sagar‘s Ramayan.)

So why the hope?

Well to begin with the film is directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. The man has proven both his skills repeatedly – As Ramadhir Singh in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and by directing films like ‘Paan Singh Tomar’.

Bullet Raja

With such a pedigree also comes a little tale. Apparently Dhulia had approached Saif for the film after seeing his stunning performance as Langda Tyagi in ‘Omakara’.

So if this movie is inspired by that role, one can allow oneself a little hope, because the trailer by itself doesn’t generate much interest. We have all seen it a hundred times by now.

Plot –

Once again, because it is Dhulia making it, one can hope there is some semblance of a story. But the trailer itself shows nothing, giving the feeling that possibly there isn’t much of a script to work with.

All we find out is this –

bullet raja

There is a gangster hero, called Raja Mishra a.k.a Bullet Raja a.k.a Sanki (Awesome). He has a buddy – Jimmy Shergill – who is best friends with. And they go out and what gangster buddies do – casually shoot people.

And he dances well – because no gangster can be allowed to be anything if he not a good dancer.

He loves this girl – Sonakshi Sinha – whose role is to be the thing that Bullet Raja loves.

bullet raja

He is fighting with a cross-dressing Ravi Kishan and suit-dressing Gulshan Grover. And in the meantime a cop, the rather spectacular looking Vidyut Jamwal, is chasing him down.

If you need more to figure the plot, go watch every single masala ‘Dabangg’ movie released since 2010.

Leads –

Saif Ali Khan is back in what the media likes to call ‘rustic’ mode and what everyone else can call – shaven-chest-with -long-hair mode.

bullet raja

If his manner and acting makes you think of Langda Tyagi from ‘Omkara’, that’s because he is pretty much supposed to be a younger, non-langda Tyagi. Except he is called Mishra.

(Personally I would have loved a movie about a young langda Tyagi. The movie could be about his rise in the badlands, how he got his trademark limp and eventually could end with an Ajay Devgan cameo showing how they first met.)

Saif looks good in the role certainly.

Unlike Shahid Kapoor, who looks haplessly lost or Ranveer Singh, who looks like all the macho-ness is an act or even Akhsay Kumar, who looks like he is trying too hard in most scenes.

bullet raja

Saif Ali Khan can look cool effortlessly. He looms over his scenes, his presence fills the screen and he can give a ‘look’, sometimes directly at the camera, like few other actors can.

Even the dialogues he growls out – cheesy as hell that they are – sound good in his voice. Superior acting and superior direction is evident in all of his shots.

However, he looked really good in ‘Agent Vinod’ and ‘Tashan’ as well. The trick to have a good film – not just a good actor. And going by this trailer alone, the film looks lukewarm at best.

But here is what I am just stunned by – what the hell is with the satin, eye-blinding, multi-coloured shirts? Is this the new thing now? Or was the costume designer trying to see just how stupid a shirt he/she could convince Saif to wear onscreen?

bullet raja

Jimmy Shergill is back as well, thank god! The man does not get enough good roles to show off his versatile talent and it is always fun to see him in rustic mode.

He is having mixed year so far. He was a central character in the eminently awesome ‘Special Chabbis’, but also acted in the equally horrible ‘Rajdhani Express’.

bullet raja

He looks good in this one – but one wonders about his role, because even in the trailer alone – he looks like little more than background setting to Saif.

The ghosts of past films – ‘Saheb, Biwi and Ghulam’ – appear to come this one as well. It’s the mustache mostly.

Sonakshi Sinha looks like…Sonakshi Sinha.

Does she sign her contracts in batches? And are all the scripts she reads just Xeroxes of each other?

bullet raja

Yes, just like in – ‘Dabangg’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Joker’, ‘Son of Sardaar’ and ‘Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!’ – She plays some simple girl who falls in love with the ‘bad’ man.

All the roles are the same. I swear if she makes another film, they won’t bother to even take her out of the shoot location or costume. They will tell her – “These are your next three heroes. Just stand here and smile with each one of them…shoot over.”

bullet raja

It went horribly wrong the last time in ‘Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!’, so let’s hope she has better luck this time around.

The woman has no role – at least in the trailer. She is there because her amazingly beautiful face and delicious curves give the hero (and most of the audience) a reason to live and love.

Vidyut plays the cop and on his young shoulders, many a hope rest. The man did a great job in ‘Commando’ and has reportedly done all of his stunts himself in this film as well.

bullet raja

They are good stunts and look cool. Plus he has pulled off the role of tough cop well. Let us hope he has more to do than just chase after the anti-hero.

My personal bet is that he will be against the hero for half the film, then dramatically change sides midway – ether joining Saif or letting Saif go because he is a good guy.

If something else happens, then the film automatically gets one extra star in my book.

The rest of the villains are filled in with a rather fetching looking Ravi Kishnan, who has carved out quite a niche for himself in Bollywood – playing the secondary character roles that require acting talent and depth.

bullet raja

He is joined on the evil bandwagon by Gulshan Grover, who is Gulshan Grover, so presumably he will be Gulshan Grover on screen. There appears to be an item song with Mahie Gill as well.

And one mysterious scene with Chunky Pandey…go figure.

Stunts –

bullet raja

For an ‘action’ ‘masala’ film, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the amount of stupid action was either well-hidden in this trailer or (and this is what I am praying turns out to be the case) it does not exist.

Yes it was fun to see Salman beat ten people. STOP IT! That was a one-time thing ONLY!

bullet raja

The action in this film looks restrained and very well made. Men are leaping through windows and sliding bikes under trains and leaping railway crossings and getting beaten left, right and center.

bullet raja

And that is not even adding up all the shooting. The trailer killed more people than an entire month’s worth of CID episodes on television.

The best stunts obviously go to Vidyut, who does a nifty sliding under bed and throwing axe thing.

bullet raja

So in round up I have to say that while the lack of a story in the trailer scares me, it certainly looks like one of the better ‘Dabangg’ clones out there. But it is a ‘Dabangg’ clone, so hopes must be kept low.

Name: Bullet Raja
Release date: 29 November 2013


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