Krrish 3 trailer review: Unimpressive effects, but Krrish is back!

Krrish 3

Right. The trailer of the latest installment in the adventures of the Rohit Mehra and his son Krrish is out.

I feel I need to get one minor rant out of the way.

The YouTube page where the trailer has been launched is filled with comments like – “Oh my god the special effects look horrible! How can they ever match Hollywood?”

The Krrish series so far has made – (Approximately) – 196 crore rupees.

The latest installment of the X-Men, ‘The Wolverine’ was made on a budget of 12 crore US dollars. At current rates, that works out to a staggering 720 crore rupees. And the return the movie got was 25 crore US dollars. At current rates, that works out to a mind boggling  1,500 crore rupees.

And that’s just one movie in a multi-billion dollar franchise.

Even if you take the extremely optimistic number of 250 crores (adjusted for inflation) for both Krrish movies – the total in US dollars works out to about 4.10 crore US dollars.

That’s barely 1/3 the budget of a single Hollywood blockbuster.

If Hollywood is doing better than Krrish, then the reason should be obvious. Figure out a way for Indians to raise 500 – 600 crore to make a film and find a way for them to make 1000 – 1500 crore in income – and you will get your uber special effects.

Until then, stop pulling the legs of the person trying to rise higher.

Anyway back to the trailer – Quick review: Unimpressive effects, but Krrish is back!

Krrish 3

Yeah, the effects look crappy when compared to Hollywood.

But honestly I don’t mind. The first two films also had reasonably poor effects. And time has not helped the movie. The film, which began shooting way back in 2011, was repeatedly delayed due to injuries and accidents – allowing films like Avengers to set the bar higher with every passing year.

But both the previous films were entertaining.  They were fun, light and certainly kept one engrossed for their run time – even if you left the theater with quite a few doubts still in mind.

Hrithik is a good actor all in all and Rakesh Roshan makes fairly decent mix masala films with plenty of heart.

So I am optimistic that the script and entertainment value will pull the movie up, even if the effects cannot.

Krrish 3

The trailer begins with ye old Rohit Mehra (Still alive and kicking after the last film) declaring that he has unlocked the secret of how ‘jadoo’ (The alien from the first film) got it’s energy from the sun. And he was going to change the world!

(A mentally retarded, socially awkward genius he may be. But at least he doesn’t lack ambition.)

Krrish 3

However, eeeevvvvvviiilllll is afoot. (Literally…we mostly only see the villain’s feet throughout the trailer. )

And it is being born to….. (what else?)  TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (All right, no one lacks ambition in the film )

And now the young, flying Hrithik has to stop him and his dastardly plans that involve serums, missiles, explosions, Mumbai, one diving girl, one crazy demon girl and what looks like the second inbred cousin of Toad from the X-Men – giant tongue and all.

There we have the entire plot in a nutshell.

Krrish 3

But little else.

Yeah, weird that.

Admittedly this is just a first  trailer but practically none of the supporting cast has any presence what so ever. The movie also stars Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut and Arif Zakaria. But there is no glimpse of them at all.

It’s just old Hrithik and the young one and Vivek Oberoi.

So let’s talk about Krrish…

Hrithik certainly gets a great intro. But many of the stunts (presumably the showcase ones since they are in the first trailer)  are things that we have seen before. Nothing particularly stood out. Some of the jumping shots resembled Spider-man, others were pretty close to Superman films. So slight disappointment there for such a highly anticipated film.

Only the shock-waves effects, while old nowadays, still retain their charm, I feel.

The only spoken dialogue comes from old Hrithik, who manages to pull of the 2003 quivering, slightly off voice of Rohit Mehra with elan.

If it is any comfort – at least the costume still looks as epic as it ever did.

What about the villain?

Vivek Oberoi…is…well Vivek Oberoi.

Now it is true only good roles the man has ever done is when he is the villain so while there is still hope…but…

Think Mugambo mixed with Ra.One.  That is pretty much the impression he leaves.

Also since his name is ‘Kaal’, and his only dialogue in the trailer is pun on the word ‘Kaal’, I am desperately hoping he does NOT only speak in ‘Kaal’ related metaphors throughout the film.

(Oh please! Don’t do this to us. Mugambo khush nahi hoga yaar!)

Favorite shot?

The best shot of the trailer is easily the part where Krrish grabs on to the super fast crazy devil woman (whoever she is supposed to be) in one move. It is practically the only ‘wow’ moment.

Krrish 3

Good shots though…

But if we are complaining that the effects haven’t caught up to Hollywood, you can at least take heart that the cinematography seems to have.

There a epic sweeping shots of landscapes and the best is indeed kept for last – A sweeping view of Mumbai with the new Sea-Worli link bridge towering in the background.

It’s a good shot and lets Hrithik soak in some epic-ness.

Krrish 3

Still, everything has flaws.

For the teaser – I would pick three big ones –

1) Effects look fine, but the stunts are obvious mimics of Superman/Amazing Spider-man. It is an urge that Bollywood really needs to stop indulging.

2) The Soundtrack, at least the little we hear in the teaser, is rubbish. A lot of blaring horns do not a good sound make.

3) There is no supporting cast shown at all, which is not a big stumbling block but feels slightly petty.

But we shall keep an eye out for further trailers, which hopefully have more depth, in the near future.

Movie: Krrish 3

Release Date: November 3, 2013 (Expected)


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